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The Little Dance Project offers classes that are artfully designed to make your child’s introduction to dance one that inspires passion and excitement to get moving! Each class will include a dance stretch, dynamic warm up, 1:1 across the floor time,

functional fitness skills, choreography and creative movement! 

All high energy classes provide a safe space for your child to be creative and express themselves through movement as they enhance their physical development, spatial awareness, body awareness, self-esteem!

Classes: Classes
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Intro to Ballet/Tap


Pre-Ballet and Tap

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Elementary Ballet/Tap

18months-3 years

The toddler dance program fosters your child’s curiosity and love for movement. Your little learner will learn basic ballet positions and terminology through fun songs and the use of props. In tap class, they will learn about rhythm, timing, and space. Activities constantly change to hold onto those short attention spans! Dance will allow your toddler to build motor skills, balance, grace, and confidence all while having using their imagination to have FUN!

3-4 years

The preschool dance program lays the groundwork for future dance study across a variety of genres by working on prerequisite skills and concepts. A love of dance is fostered through creative instruction and a constant change of themes for each class. Your little dancer will discover the joy and freedom in movement, improve sensory awareness, eye-body coordination, body awareness, spatial relations and social skills.

4-6 years

The pre-Kindergarten program teaches proper ballet terminology and movements that will help them progress into classical ballet training as they get older. Dancers build flexibility, strength, motor skills, self-confidence and have fun dancing in a familiar setting. Your little dancer will take on the more refined skills of movement as it relates to musicality, dynamics, patterns, pathways and artistic expression. Your students memory and body awareness will be challenged to recall the differences between steps and movements through choreography.

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Funky Fitness

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Hip Hop I and II

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18 months - 4 years

The program focuses on a mind and body connection by building self-confidence and self-esteem in your fast growing child. The classes will focus on strength building with upbeat movements in both dancing and team building games. 
Movements will strengthens communication and leadership abilities in a social and fun environment. Your little dancer will also increase their hand-eye and foot-eye coordination skills with the use of equipment, props, interactive songs and other tools!

18 months - 6 years

This energetic class encourages students to bring their own individual style and personality to their movement. They will learn age appropriate hip-hop dancing and be challenged to think on their feet. Hip-Hop is fast-paced and focuses on strength and agility, along with free style movements!
In addition to moving and creativity, this class focuses on building physical self- awareness, expression and confidence exploring their own movement patterns and steps with power, speed and rhythm.

2 - 6years

The cheer program incorporates teamwork, enthusiasm, chants, jumps, and dancing into one fun filled class. Former NFL cheerleader, Ms. Nancy, teaches the basics of cheerleading as the children learn the fundamentals of motion technique, dancing, jumps, voice, basic tumbling,

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