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Why sign up for dance?

  • Improves Physical Health - Dance is a great form of exercise that get's children passionate and motivated about moving. Dance classes can increase coordination, flexibility, physical strength, range of motion, stanima, and posture.

  • Encourages Resilience - Dance takes a lot of control, body awareness, and focus. When trying new moves it is not surprising that children will fail and not get it right! Dance teaches us to keep trying and problem solve even when it doesn't come easy.

  • Enhances Emotional Development - Dance gives children the freedom to create, imagine, and release their emotion and energy in a safe environment. Giving children a space to be themselves can increase self confidence and self-esteem

  • Creates Social Awareness - Dance fosters social interaction, cooperation, turn taking, and teamwork. Little dancers learn to communicate ideas through movement and work in a group dynamic. Each class teaches children to take turns going across the floor and also how to work together during group activities with props like the parachute and stretch rope.

  • Inspires Creativity - Though each class is structured with layered activities and skills, creativity is the most important aspect of dance for children at a young age. Dance gives children the outlet to be themselves, feel comfortable in their body, explore their strengths, and move in ways that are both comfortable and challenging for them. Each class ends with a creative movement song where they can dance like different animals, slow and fast, dance through magical forests, tiptoe through frozen mountains and more!

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